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Staffordshire Computers in Newcastle-under-Lyme repairs all kinds of computer equipment from PC computers to laptops and consoles.

We operate a no-fix no-fee policy and always quote fixed prices for our repairs. Don't get caught out by flexible charges you can't control ! Get Quote

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PC, Laptop & Console Modifications
Modding your equipment may invalidate your warranty. It may also make you uber cool.


Computer Modding

don't be a nubcake - get some 1337 with Staffs IT

Not all computers are created equal. Here at Staffordshire Computers & IT Ltd we know what you need to shed your reputation as a nublet and start to pwn your nemeses. Overclockers, gamers, lights and cooling phreaks - we can help you all.

We offer: cpu overclocking, gpu overclocking, cooling mods, lighting mods, case mods, laptop shell mods, software mods and other general computer modding and modifications.

Get some 1337 !

(n00b definition)

Polite notice: Many computer mods will void your warranty. We offer no warranty on computer modifications and take no responsibility for any damages caused directly or indirectly due to the nature of the service. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact us on: 0871 976 3800 or email: for further information.

Alternatively please come and visit us at our Newcastle-under-Lyme computer shop where all our staff are on hand and happy to provide you with assistance. How to find us



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